The PEAK Library

PEAK Library aggregates content from multiple sources in one place—including some of the most highly rated web-based educational content providers—and organizes it so it is quickly searchable. This makes it easy for teachers to customize courses or lessons with additional content to support key teaching objectives set by the Common Core State Standards and other state and national standards.

PEAK Library allows teachers to differentiate instruction by:

  • Modifying existing courses or building a completely new course—for a single student, a district, or any size group in between
  • Integrating any of the 5,500 FuelEd Anywhere Learning System lessons aligned to key standards, or creating adaptive assessments to remediate or enrich student learning
  • Including assessments, open educational resources, and teacher-created content

PEAK Library also allows teachers to tap into content from third-party partners:

Britannica School®: Teachers can incorporate encyclopedia articles, charts, maps, and more into the curriculum to create lessons and projects, introduce new concepts, and support homework. They can search Britannica School® for content based on their state curriculum standards, by topic, and by reading level. Teachers can also access lesson plans, interactive content, games, and videos that reinforce classroom concepts and make learning more fun.

YouTube® Education: Teachers can engage visual learners with videos from YouTube® Education that enrich classroom lessons and make theoretical concepts come alive. YouTube EDU provides access to short lessons from top teachers around the world as well as inspiring videos from global thought leaders. Students can receive a participation grade when watching the YouTube videos.

Khan Academy®: Originally developed to teach math concepts, Khan Academy® has expanded to include mini-lessons comprised of short videos, practice questions, and explorations in science, finance, history, and art. Teachers can assign lessons and exercises from Khan Academy® to a single student or an entire class.*


Informative Assessments

The PEAK Library features an assessment tool that allows teachers to create quizzes based on learning objectives aligned to Common Core State Standards and other state standards. The assessments show at a glance how students are performing and exactly where they are struggling so teachers can target content to individual students or small groups.

With PEAK assessments, teachers can maximize teachable moments by making data-informed decisions about the content each student needs to improve performance.

Download this printable PEAK Library flyer to learn more.

* All Khan Academy content is available free at www.khanacademy.org