A Personalized Learning Platform

PEAK—Fuel Education’s award-winning, open technology platform—gives districts an easy way to personalize, integrate, and manage online learning programs.

How It Works

Interactive Dashboards

Intelligent, interactive dashboards that provide single-click access to student and teacher tools

Student Learning Environment

A flexible, best-in-class learning management system

Personalized Student Content

A personalization engine that makes it easy to modify courses with content and assessments to differentiate instruction


What They Say

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“One of the things that is terrific with the new PEAK system is the dashboard that shows where my students are. It lets me see at a glance which students are engaged, which are disengaged, which students are performing well academically, and which are not. I can also dig deeper and see the list of assignments, which I can copy and paste to produce a PDF that I send out to the students, parents, and the counselors so that all the stakeholders are able to get a detailed look at where the student is or is not performing, and what needs to be done to get them on track to succeed.”

Joel Smith, eLearning Facilitator
Spring Branch Independent
School District,
West Houston, Texas

Click here to see Peak in action

“PEAK allows for a superb level of differentiation, as students may work at their own pace and their own academic level. Students who may struggle with the material cannot be left behind, while high-achieving or gifted students may work ahead.”

Alex Wilson
Virtual Academy Facilitator
Gateway STEM

Click here to see Peak in action

“I love schooling through PEAK! It is an amazing service that has helped me so much with my school work. PEAK isn’t just your typical classroom—it lets you work at your own pace. I would never want to use any other service.”

Mariah M.

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About Us

At Fuel Education, we partner with schools and districts to implement and grow online and blended learning programs that fuel personalized learning. PEAK simplifies the implementation challenges of multiple learning programs through a consolidated platform to accelerate student achievement by providing more and better personalized learning options.

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