Broadening Student Opportunity with Blended Learning Programs

Recently, FuelEd had the opportunity to hold a Blended Learning Leader’s Forum where they conducted workshops for school administrators seeking insight into how to plan for and implement a successful blended learning workshop.

Blended Learning Programs Help District of Columbia Students Achieve Success

For many years, public schools in the District of Columbia have been criticized for low test scores, student achievement, and their struggle to prepare students for life after school in a technologically sophisticated world.  While the schools have tried many different programs to improve performance, most have failed to enable students and teachers to

LearnBop: A New Way to Personalize Learning In Middle School Math Class

One of the greatest challenges teachers face  is meeting the constantly changing, diverse needs of their students.  The idea that a classroom teacher can stand at the front of the class and deliver a single lesson to a large group of students who will then all learn at the same pace is not realistic.  The facts are that each student in a class will learn in a different way, master concepts at different rates, and require support and encouragement from the teacher in order to me

Evaluating Your District’s Blended Learning Program

With blended learning programs on the rise, there are many factors to consider in creating a successful program. Despite the growth in this area, there hasn’t been a practical guide for developing, planning, implementing and evaluating a blended learning program ---until now.

Blended Learning: It’s All about Pacing, Flexibility and Implementation

Each year Fuel Education partners with EdNET Insight to conduct a nationwide survey to gain a better understanding of best practices in online and blended learning. The 2014 survey found that “blended learning continues to be a more popular model than fully online learning,” and that it is gaining momentum each year as the optimal blend between traditional teaching and online curriculum.

Miami-Dade Online Academy: The Cruz/Salcedo Family Shares Their Online Learning Success Story

When a child faces a serious illness – whether brief or long term – life as it is known changes.  Doctors’ appointments and hospital stays disrupt the normal pattern of life, including the ability to attend school.  Moreover, the added stress of missing assignment deadlines and tests just adds to the student’s burden.   Sergio Cruz, an 11th grade student in the Miami-Dade School District, faced these exact iss